My goal with each Pet Portrait is to create a work of art with award-winning quality;

Bringing out the soul and heart of your pet.


Currently priced by size, the following list is for single-subject pet portraits with simple backgrounds.

Each additional pet in the same portrait will add 50% up charge.

Shipping charges extra.

size unframed
5×7 or 6×6 $175
6×8 $225
8×8 $275
8×10 $325
10×10 $375
9×12 $400
12×12 $475
12×16 $675
16×16 $875
16×20 $1175

The quality, lighting and composition of the reference photos has a direct relation to the quality of the finished portrait.

All pets must be in the same photo, or all photo references must have the same lighting and viewpoint. 

I prefer photos with high contrast and detail, nice darks and lights. I must be able to see the eyes. You know the animal from their eyes.

Several photos are best to ensure color, character, and personality. 

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