My wife Carolyn requested a painting of my precious dog, friend and companion Dooly for a very special Christmas gift.  When I opened the package Christmas morning I was stunned a for a while without words.  The tears flowed so freely.  You my dear girl captured his beautiful spirt in the painting.  I look at it several times each day and when I gaze upon the painting it is as though I am looking at his beautiful face, eyes and heart.

There are many thousands of artist in this world but only a small percentage can fully portray the spirit of an animal or person with their art work.  You have that gift.

Thank you so much and may God’s most joyous blessings be there for you.

I am so overwhelmed and touched with your portrait of Buddy. You truly captured his likeness, but also his spirt, personality and soul. He’s 19 years old, and I cherish every day we are still together. Thank you from my whole heart.