About Leah Potts

Leah Potts Watercolor Artist in Aspen, Colorado


I actually thought I'd never paint again. Months after earning a fine arts degree from Central Missouri State University, a skiing accident paralyzed me from the neck down. Instantly, I became a quadriplegic. Doctors gave me little hope to ever walk, write or paint again. 

With perseverance, I chose, to embraced this transforming moment deciding to push on, to overcome and live this life to the fullest. We all hurt, we all fall down, but it's how we accept what life gives us and how gracefully we put it back together that shows us whom we truly are. The accident will not define me. 

Fast forward 20 years, something was missing—my art. There had to be more to life than rehabilitation. I needed an outlet, a way to express myself, to get out of my head and to create.

Painting forces me to use my non-dominant left hand. Amazingly, I can see the same expressive line that I had witnessed with my right all those years before. 

My art filled me with renewed hope, desire, passion and connection; which has helped me come full circle in my healing. Painting silences my struggles and I am free from the binding constraints that have restricted my body. I continue to love life, staying connected and finding peace.


After a debilitating skiing accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down I find adventure in my paintings and the creative process. In a world where my body lets me down I can escape the madness go into the wilderness and connect with nature. Art saves lives, painting wildlife fills my soul helping me move through a disability creating positive solutions.

The pure elegance of nature’s palette, textures and wildlife has become a constant source of inspiration for my watercolor paintings. Learning to paint with my non dominant hand challenges me but also frees my brush strokes giving me a blend of realism and impressionistic style enabling me to capture the spirit of the animal. My art begins with a simple idea and grows from there.

In my paintings I hope you can see but more importantly feel the essence of the animal through their eyes. With each stroke of the brush the animals comes alive and I am set free. The spirit of the animal fills my heart and inspires me through the tuff times, pushing me through the struggle. When painting I’m not alone, I have a purpose, I’m needed.

I’m new to the art world as I’ve only been painting for the last 4 years; grateful for the support and community of The Art Base, I’m eager to see where my artistic journey takes me, as I explore new mediums, different techniques and new subjects. I ponder, I hope and I pray, not afraid to put myself on display; me, my art, wild but free.


  • Upcoming: Aspen Chapel, "Art for the Birds", supporting ACES, July 2023
  • The Village Smithy, Carbondale, CO, Aug 2022
  • The Red Brick, Aspen, CO, June 2022, Solo Show
  • Aspen Chapel, Four Rivers Biennial Exhibition, 2022
    • Received Peoples Choice Award
  • Aspen Chapel, "Faraway Places" Aspen, CO, October 2021
  • The Art Base, “10x10” Basalt, CO 2021
  • The Art Base, "Wild Life" Basalt, CO 2021
  • The Launch Pad, “Valley Visual Show” Carbondale, CO 2021
  • The Launch Pad, “Deck The Walls” Carbondale, CO 2020
  • The Art Base, “10x10” Basalt, CO 2020
  • Limelight, Aspen, CO 2019
  • Aspen Chapel, “Watercolor” Aspen, CO 2019
  • The Art Base, 10x10 Basalt, CO 2019
  • Aspen Chapel, “Watercolor” Aspen, CO 2019
  • The Art Base, "10x10" Basalt, CO 2019
  • Basalt Library, “Portraits” Basalt, CO 2019
  • Community Bank of Colorado, “Round’em Up” Aspen, CO 2019
  • Community Bank of Colorado, “The Herd” Aspen, CO 2019
  • The Art Base,  “10x10” Basalt, CO 2018
  • Aspen Chapel, “Small Wonders” Aspen, CO 2018
  • Aspen Chapel, “Landscapes”  Aspen, CO 2018
  • Inkswell, Glenwood Springs, CO 2018


Stop by the Aspen Saturday Market to find Leah Potts at her booth to see her works in person, including many originals not listed in her online shop!